The problem

You log into your site to update your availability calendar or make a minor edit. You save your changes and can see them clearly in the back end of your site. But when you check the front end of your site, there’s no change.

Why it happens

This is almost always a caching issue. A lot of the time when we view web pages, we don’t actually see up-to-the-second content. Instead, to speed up the delivery of web pages, the content is stored – cached – in various ways.

While this delivers major benefits in terms of speed and performance, it can be a right pain the derrière when you need to see changes in real time.

Thing are made more complex still by the vagaries the ISP you use, your choice of browser and your device.

On top of this, we need to be alert to further caching tripwires originating from the optimisation and security methods GiteWise uses to ensure your site is protected against hackers and loads with minimal wait time.

The two main instruments GiteWise uses are the WP Rocket plugin, which is installed on your WordPress site, and Cloudflare – an external performance-and-security-enhancing content delivery service.

What you can do about it

1) Clear your browser cache

The standard first line of action is to clear your browser cache. Each browser has its own way of doing this, and it can be different on Windows machines and Mac.

If you’re unsure what to do, I suggest you try a Google search for something like How to clear my browser cache.

2) Temporarily suspend Cloudflare caching

Fortunately, this is not as tricky as it sounds. Thanks to WP Rocket, you can simply switch your site into what Cloudflare calls ‘development mode‘.

To do this, you will need to have an Admin role for your site. Unless you have specifically asked GiteWise for this at some point, you will only have an Editor role. With an Admin role, you will have access to various settings you don’t normally need to be concerned with.

So, step number one is to email me and ask me to switch your role to Admin.

Step number two is switch to development mode. To do this, after logging in to your site:

1. Click on WP Rocket at the top of your screen.

2. From the menu that opens up, choose Settings.

3. Click on the Cloudflare tab.

4. Switch Development Mode on

You should now find that your site updates in real time.

Before you go ahead and switch on development mode, please make a note to yourself to make sure you switch it off again after you finish editing. If you don’t, your site’s performance will be impaired.

3) Temporarily deactivate WP Rocket

If suspending Cloudflare’s caching still doesn’t let you see your edits as you make them, here’s the next option.

1. From the left-hand dashboard menu, choose Plugins

2. Scroll down until you see WP Rocket in the list of plugins. Click Deactivate.

3. Once you’ve finished editing, remember to reactivate the WP Rocket plugin.