Usually, your home page will include these three things:

  • Slideshow images
  • Headline and subhead
  • Feature panels

You can make simple updates yourself – such as changing existing text or replacing an image. However, some changes are less straightforward and need to be made in ‘hidden’ sections of your site’s inner workings.

As with your computer, accidentally changing the wrong thing can cause a technical hiccup, so access to these hidden sections is restricted.

If there’s anything you need to change, but can’t, just get in touch.

Change your slideshow images


The main images on your homepage are created as posts. To find them, choose All Posts from the Dashboard menu.

Now choose Slideshow from the dropdown menu, then click Filter. This will show you all the posts used in your slideshow.


Move your cursor to the space under the post you want to edit. This will bring up the options: Edit | Quick Edit | Trash | View. Click the word Edit.

If this slide has accompanying text, you’ll now see this and can edit it here. If not, the text area will be empty.

Slideshow-edit text
featured-image-boxScroll down and look on the right for the Featured Image panel.

This is the image currently being used. To change it, click Remove Featured Image and then follow the steps for adding a new featured image described here.

Be sure to upload an image of the same size and quality as the one you’re replacing. For how to check the size on an image on your site, see here.

Change your headline and subhead

For many designs, the text for the heading and subhead is tucked away in a hidden section. So if you can’t find it, just email GiteWise with any changes you’d like to make.


Change your feature panels

Your feature panels may be set up as posts or pages. If they’re posts, you’ll see them listed when you go to All Posts and select Feature Panels from the dropdown menu.
feature-panel-listIf not, you’ll see them in the Pages list with the same title as the feature panel.

Sometimes, you may see a page and a feature panel with the same title.

One way to check which is which is to look at the Meta Desc. column on the right.

The page will have more complete info; the feature panel may even be empty.

Or you can simply click Edit to see if you’re working with the post or page.