Publish too soon and be damned. Pay attention to your permalinks.

The last thing you want to happen when you’re creating a new post for your blog is to lose your precious work halfway through. So it’s easy to think the first thing you need to do is hit that Publish button.

But beware. Jump the gun and publish before you’ve added a title and WordPress will automatically create a unique link to your page – known as a permalink – that looks something like this The same thing happens if you hit the Save Draft button early.


If you then go ahead and add a title, you now have a page title that’s different from your permalink… and a recipe for a wild goose chase.

You may not realise it at first, because your post may be safely listed on your blog index page, like this…

Now you see it.

But, click that More link and you’re greeted with an empty space…

Now you don’t.


How to put your page right: Edit your permalink

The remedy is simple enough. Look under your post title for the permalink and you’ll see alongside there’s a handy little Edit button.

Click Edit. Delete the number WordPress used to make your temporary permalink. Click OK. A new permalink will now be created from your updated post title.


Now hit the blue Update button on the right. And go check your page. If all is well, your page will now be proudly displayed in its proper place.