Why do I need a GoDaddy account?

If you are buying a domain name for your website or if the domain name needs to be transferred into your ownership, you need an account of your own with a domain registrar company, such as GoDaddy. This is the registrar GiteWise uses, and this page describes how to set up an account with GoDaddy.

Can I use a different domain registrar?

Yes. If you prefer to use a different registrar, just let me have the info I need to begin the transfer. Other popular registrars include: 1and1.co.uk, 123-reg.co.uk  and fasthosts.co.uk.

But using GoDaddy will make things easier for both of us.

Will I have to pay anything?

There is no charge for setting up your own GoDaddy account, and no ongoing fees. Transfer from another GoDaddy account to yours is free. If you’re using a different registrar, there may be a transfer fee.

How to create your own GoDaddy account

Go to the GoDaddy home page and click Sign-in in the menu bar. Then, from the dropdown menu that opens, click Create My Account.

GoDaddy Create New Account

On the next screen, enter your email address, username and password.

You also need to enter a four-digit PIN – you may be asked for this if you ever want to talk directly with Go Daddy customer support.

GoDaddy create account screen

Click the Create Account button.

The next screen you’ll see is the GoDaddy dashboard. You’ll see this every time you sign in.

GoDaddy dashboard

If your domain name needs to be transferred to you, you can proceed with this now. Simply fill out the Domain Transfer Request form at the bottom of this page and send it to GiteWise.

Finish setting up your account now or later

At some point, you’ll need to fill in some more information to complete your account setup, but you don’t need to do that right away. If you want to save this part for later, simply log out of GoDaddy, then come back and finish the setup when you have more time.

For help with that, see How to set up your GoDaddy account – Part 2.

A short while after you create your GoDaddy account, you’ll get an email from GoDaddy confirming that your account has been set up. This email will show your GoDaddy customer number, which you can use to log in to your GoDaddy account if you forget your username.

Buying your domain name yourself?

If you’re buying your domain name yourself, be aware that GoDaddy will offer you an obstacle course of add-ons on your way to the checkout. You do not need any of these.

GoDaddy will also ask you if you want an email address to go with your domain. Do not buy this from GoDaddy. GiteWise will provide this at no extra cost as part of your hosting package.

This article was last updated 15 September 2017.


Domain Transfer Request Form

Please note you need to enter the same email address in the form as you used to create your GoDaddy account.

If you have only one domain name to transfer, enter this in the first Domain box. If you have more than one domain to transfer, enter each in its own box.

Domain Transfer Request