The joys of Microsoft Outlook

Setting your new email account up using IMAP is the best option. However, Outlook has been known to be less than 100% reliable in importing IMAP mail (my own tests have proved this) so you may find you need to use POP instead.

If you do use POP, make sure you check the option to Leave messages on the server.

While POP works OK for most people, it can sometimes cause confusion if you like to check your mail on two or more different devices, such as a phone and a laptop. This is because POP doesn’t sync all connected inboxes the way IMAP does.

If you set up your new email account with IMAP and your test messages do not arrive in Outlook, you will then need to remove the email account you’ve just added and set it up again as a POP account.

Therefore, if you use Outlook and wish to continue using it, you may need to experiment to arrive at the most suitable setup for the way you like to work.


Use the screenshot below as a reference for the information you need when setting up your new email address in Outlook.

Want more detailed instructions?

I’ve prepared a more detailed walkthrough of how to set up your email account in Outlook, which you can download and print out.