What happens after you send your Domain Transfer Request to GiteWise?

Not sent your Domain Transfer Request yet? See the bottom of this page

GoDaddy has simplified things since I wrote this article. But the basic procedure is the same.

Soon after you send me your Domain Transfer Request form, I’ll set the transfer in motion. You’ll receive an email from GoDaddy telling you this has begun. It’ll look something like this:

To respond, you’ll need to sign in to your GoDaddy account and accept the transfer.

Things may have changed by the time you read this, but right now things can get a little confusing. So follow these instructions carefully because the screen you need to navigate to is not the one marked Transfers!

From the GoDaddy dashboard – which should be the first screen you see after you log in – click the Manage button in the Domains section.

Manage Domain in dashboard 1


Now, click on Domains in the menu bar to see the dropdown menu, ignore Transfers and instead, select Pending Account Changes.


Pending Account Changes


From the two options on the left, choose Incoming Account Changes

Incoming Account Changes

You should see your domain – or domains – here.

Check the box beside the domain name/s. Then click the Accept icon.

Accept Incoming Account Changes


Check the tick-box next to I have read and agree to the Universal Terms of Service Agreement.

Then click the OK button.

Change of ownership confirm


Now, from the Domains dropdown menu at the top of the screen, choose All domains.

All Domains in menu bar


You should see the transferred domains listed here.

Domain transfer pending - locked


Verify your email address

Soon after you create your GoDaddy account, you’ll receive an email from GoDaddy, asking you to verify your email address.

Click the link in the email to do this.

It’s important you do this without delay as your site may be placed on hold until your email is verified.

Verify email address


Check your settings

When the transfer is complete, GoDaddy will confirm the change by email.

Domain change confirmation

This is a good time to log in to your GoDaddy account to check and update your domain information.

When GiteWise transfers your domain to you, I automatically set your nameservers (DNS settings). This ensures your site will not be disrupted or go temporarily offline.

For help with what settings you need to check, see How to set up your GoDaddy account – Part 2.