Your GiteWise website comes with a built-in visitor analysis tool that can give you useful market information.

This includes:

  • which pages are most popular
  • which pages each visitor views and in what order
  • how long people stay on your site
  • where visitors come from
  • which keywords people use find your pages
  • the number of ‘hits’ your site gets each day

The tool we use is Statcounter. If you’re interested in viewing this information for your site or sites, contact GiteWise and we’ll send you your username and password.

To check your data, follow these steps:

Log in at Statcounter

Enter your username and password and click the Log in button


You will now see the summary screen. This shows the key figures for your site. To see a more detailed view, click on your website name.


The data is shown as a graph and you can change the date range to customise what you see.

Click any of the links in the menu on the left to see what other information is available. The ones you’ll probably find most useful are Popular Pages, Recent Came From and Visitor Paths.


For a more complete guide on how to use Statcounter, click the Support tab.