You may never need to access your email inbox using webmail, but there are a couple of situations where it may be useful.

1. If you need to check your mail on a computer that isn’t the one you usually use and you can’t access your email through your phone.

2. If you run into a technical problem that prevents you from sending and receiving mail through your computer’s email program.

3. If someone has told you they’ve sent you a message but you’ve not received it and can’t find it in your junk folder.

To access your site’s webmail account, you’ll need your email address and password.

This is the same password you entered when you set up the email account for your new email address. (If you haven’t logged into cPanel and changed it, then this will be the password GiteWise sent to you when the address was first set up.)

Go to

sg webmail screenshot

Enter your email address and password and click Log in

You should see a list similar to what you would see if viewing the inbox for this same email address on your computer.

webmail inbox

You can then view, delete and reply to any of your emails from this screen in the same way you would when accessing your email account directly on laptop or phone.