If you’re not already logged in to your GoDaddy account, go to the GoDaddy home page and click Sign In.

GoDaddy login

The first screen you see after login is the GoDaddy dashboard, also known as the Account Manager.

Set your preferred language (optional)

When you open your GoDaddy account, the location/language setting is United States – English.

If you want to change this, click on United States – English in the menu-bar at the top of your screen and choose United Kingdom – English or whichever location/language setting you want.

GoDaddy language bar

Check or change your account details

The GoDaddy website has changed since I wrote this.

From your GoDaddy dashboard, click the Settings tab.

Go Daddy settings tab

This opens the first of several screens you need to check. Some information will already be showing here, but you may need to add to it. Some things you won’t need to change, other things you will.

It is important that you follow these steps so that your domain is renewed at its due date.

We’ll now look at several of the items listed in the Settings menu. Click on the left-hand menu to go to each of these screens.

Account Owner Information

Complete this with your name, address and contact details. Then click the Save Changes button.

Go Daddy Account owner screen

Account Security Settings

You don’t need to change anything here, but this is where you can update your login email address, login name, password and call-in PIN. (The only time you may need your PIN is if you contact GoDaddy support directly.)

Account Security Settings

Contact Preferences

Unless you particularly want to receive any of the things listed here, I suggest you follow my example and say Yes to just Non-promotional notices that deal with changes to your domain(s), account or other services.

GoDaddy Contact Preferences

Domain Registration Defaults

You don’t have to complete this section, but it will save you time if you plan to buy one or more domain names, now or in the future. If you think you might want GiteWise to create another website or blog for you, then, I suggest the following settings:

Buyer Profile Name: GiteWise

Set as Default Profile: Yes

Always register my domains for: 1 year

Always renew my domains: Automatically

DNS Control – Enter nameservers – NS1.tsohost.co.uk and NS2.tsohost.co.uk (not as shown in image below)

Domain Registration defaults completed for GiteWise

Domain Contact Information – Complete this part with your name, address and contact details

Domain registration defaults - check box

Now tick the check-box at the end of this section to copy the information to the other three sections, then edit the Technical contact

Technical Contact Information – Copy this from the technical contact info section of another domain GiteWise is managing for you

Remember to click the Save Changes button.

Save changes button

Read more at GoDaddy about setting domain registration defaults

Payment Methods

Click Payment Methods in the menu on the left. This takes you to the Payments tab. So if you need to go back to the screen you were just looking at, you’ll need to click the Settings tab again.

Click Add Payment Method now.


Complete each section. For more help with this, see the GoDaddy page Managing Payment Methods

add payment panel


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