If you like to use Gmail to send and receive your email rather than use an email app that’s installed on your computer, here’s how to set it up to use your new email address.

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1. Log in to your Gmail account.

2. Click the gearwheel icon and choose Settings from the dropdown menu.

Gmail setup icon

3. In Settings, click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP. Look under the section IMAP Access and make sure IMAP is enabled.

IMAP enabled

4. Now, click on Accounts and Import.

Gmail setup accounts tab


5. From the Accounts and Import tab, in the Send mail as section, click Add another address that you own

Gmail setup add


6. In the first screen, enter whatever name you want to people who receive your messages coming from. This doesn’t need to be your full name, just something that readily identifies you or your gite business.

Now enter your new email address. Uncheck Treat as an alias. Click Next Step.

Gmail setup 3


7. Set this next screen up as follows:

Gmail setup 4

A – SMTP Server: mail3.gridhost.co.uk

B – Port: 465

C – Username: your new email address

D – Password: you will have received this in an email from GiteWise. If you have since changed your password and you can’t remember it, you will need to reset it. (Go to this page and watch the video: How to change the password for an email address that uses your domain.)

E – Secured connection: SSL

Click Add Account.


8. If all goes to plan, you’ll now see this screen, telling you to check your email for a confirmation code.

IMPORTANT: This will arrive in the inbox for the new email address, not in Gmail.

So, unless this email address is currently set up to forward to another email address you use, you’ll need to log in to webmail to check it and click the confirmation link or copy the confirmation code.

Gmail setup 5


9. Once confirmed, your new email address will show in the Send mail as section.

Gmail setup 7



For more information on using Gmail to send your messages, see the Google support page: Send mail from a different address or alias

Last updated 03 February 2016


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